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I am not from the Emilia region. I come from a town in Tuscany renowned for its thermal baths. Every time I submit my university ID and my professors see "Rome" as my birthplace, I have to explain this all over again. And they do not seem to understand. So now let me explain it all.  

I am writing this post from my maternal home. It is not as hot as Parma. Furthermore, it's Saturday evening and there's nowhere to go to besides the excellent wine fair which made me understand why I can't stomach alcoholic drinks. Since I arrived for my studies in Parma eight years ago, I can say that my life has changed. 

This is due to the fact that as inhabitants of Emilia-Romagna, there is a type of tourism we generally are not aware of. When I was staying in Tuscany I would travel four hours to go and see the concerts in Bologna. It takes me just an hour and a half now, the ring road traffic jams included. And believe it or not, "working" in the sector has made us aware that this is also a positive type of tourism with a lot of spin-offs.

Words cannot express the great sensations of those summer days at Hana-bi when we would feast on that typical flat unleavened "piada" bread with friends while the scheduled band did its sound check, and then wait for the day to end on the beach before returning to the city, or what it means to watch your favourite band play even if you had to travel a thousand miles to see them perform at the Estragon, and feel that that impossible dream had come true, for suddenly, there they were before your eyes. 

There were the times we spent at the highway stop in search of a toilet and coffee on our way home, the night life, and queuing for a beer with people who had travelled miles, as in the past. And Emilia-Romagna even in this case is full of unforgettable memories of concerts in the castle square of Ferrara, and the still so vivid picture of those icy roads on the way to Bologna. There was nothing to compare with the trips to Milan. Something intimate and totalizing occurs every time we take to the road to attend musical events here in Ferrara, happenings that seem unique and unforgettable.


Francesca Fiorini
Francesca Fiorini

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