Via Emilia: a Fashion path

  • La Perla factory in Bologna with founder Ada Masotti credits at La Perla lingerie

The Autumn wind brings with it, as every year, the fashion event par excellence, we are speaking of the Fashion Week, which take place in Milan during this month of September. From the web to newspapers through tv and shops you can actually breath the excitement. Between fashion and the road there is a strong relationship that begins with a look at the skirt of a girl on the train and ends with a snap on Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #streetfashion. And we get inspired, we took the most significant and oldest road in the region, and asked ourselves: What if the Via Emilia was a catwalk?

So today we bring you the fashionable street of Emilia-Romagna, marching along the path that was historically the main artery of travel trade at the time of the Roman Empire, which still exists and continues right up to the gates of the capital of Italian Fashion.

If you're wondering what relates the EmiliaRomagna, a land of flavors, art and nature with the controversial and flamboyant world of fashion, we have a few surprises ... In fact our cities of art have given birth to some of the most influential personalities in the field, you can hear the echoes of the city's identity at every corner of the historic centers, through the old windows, the shops and the craft traditions, including the art of tailoring which is one of the most long-running.
We tend to forget that behind the sparkle of sequins and pearls are hidden hours and hours of creative processes, influences of historical, cultural and social issues and, more importantly, there are behind family stories, this latter configuring itself as a value very dear to the EmiliaRomagna's soul.
Fashion was born in the shops of a small hamlet, is handed down from generations to evolve in the industry-conquering beyond the borders.
The history of the "Made-in-Italy" has specific connotations that have helped to make it iconic at an international level, so in today's market, Italy and the so-called "Italianità" are associated with quality and care, in a very maternal way.

We want to bring you along the Via Emilia, marching with firm steps through out the region by showing a new face that has nothing to envy to the most famous cities-worship of our national fashion. And we will do it with long strides, like walking on a runway, from one province to another, with the fast pace of the fashion shows, including a change of clothes and a fit of shoes for a new idea of tourism, which knits together the historical fabric of craftsmanship's culture which EmiliaRomagna is proud of, tracing the origins of the brands and the biggest names in fashion.
Ready for the show;)?

Starting from PiacenzaGiorgio Armani welcomed us, in the city where he grew up and which retains an image and a deep attachment from his childhood, while from the surroundings of the Piacenza's Valleys comes a guest star, who occupies the front-row of our parade: the Countess Allegra Caracciolo di Castagneto

In Parma we stop for a splash of "Acqua di Parma" that was born back in 1916 (it has almost a century!) In a small workshop in the ancient heart of the aristocratic essence of the city, the master perfumers created a new and unusual fragrance that was to set up as the first Italian Colony. The success that comes from the '50s with the glory of Hollywood, finally decreed Acqua di Parma an icon of refined Italian style.

ReggioEmilia is the territory of the Maramotti Family. The brand MaxMara was founded by Achille Maramotti in 1951 and was one of the first to apply the process in the industrial production of clothes in anticipation of the idea of prêt à porter that soon would have revolutionized the concept of fashion in a timee in which it was intended only as craft. Among its designers MaxMara includes names of Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce & Gabbana. In addition to the hinge line the group has developed over the years satellite trademarks destined for specific markets, among which we mention the brand Marina Rinaldi, a symbol of attachment to the roots: it takes its name from the great-grandmother of Maramotti, who, at the end of nineteenth century, run a luxury shop in the heart of Reggio Emilia.

In the province of Modena, Carpi finds the encounter between past and present in the binomial birth of two established names in fashion today: Anna Molinari, on one side, represents the history. Anna Molinari founded the group Blufin with her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini in 1977 and since then continues a strong tradition that is renewed each season under the style of the brand Blumarine, Blugirl (intended for a younger audience) and her namesake (specializing in pret-a-porter and luxury).
[Fun fact: as she herself said in an interview with "IoDonna" magazine in 2012, << I often go cycling. In my city, Carpi, there are many cycle paths and few cars >> to relax]

On the other side, there is a young company, also born from the collaboration of a couple in life and work: Twin Set by Simona Barbieri (creative director of the company) and Tiziano Sgarbi (CEO). A brand that was born from the crisis and blooms in hard work and in the synergy of a family being realized symbolically as a new modern dream of success in Italian-style.

And we come walking on stilettos in the middle of our walkway, in Bologna, the heart of EmiliaRomagna, known to be "learned, red and fat" ... Well we will tell you now that it is also a city of style :)
In Bologna we create a complete outfit, what is known as a total look, in other words we'll be clothed from head to foot with names made-in-Bologna.
The arduous task of binding curves of Bologna's women is up to the lingerie and was entrusted to the capable hands of the seamstress Ada Masotti who created in 1954 La Perla as lab pack, which continues to this day in the mission to "make every woman in the world seductive" with flair and elegance of Italian touch.

The clothes are signed by Elisabetta Franchi, a modern woman who dresses and knows women, a model of tenacity and self-fulfillment that says about herself "Making collections, run a business, I work very hard: before 8 am and go to 9 pm, step in business on Saturday and Sunday, sacrificing everything else. But I love my job. And to do it with passion is the only way that I know "
At the feet we put on Bruno Magli whose art has been handed down for generations, learned from his grandfather, starts with his siblings Marino and Maria, the production of women's shoes in a small basement in Bologna in 1936.
And finally the accessory comes from Furla boutique, leather goods shop founded in 1927 by Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto, including bags, gloves and purses you'll be spoiled for choice!

It's the turn of Romagna, in the province of Forlì-Cesena the village of San Mauro Pascoli is the realm of footwear: BaldininiSergio Rossi and Casadei, respectively dated 1910, 1958, and 1950 are international fashion houses now internationally known, born from the handicraft more appreciated by women all over the world. They share a common thread of family tradition, passion and creativity with an eye to modernity and one to the roots.

Wearing shoes like Cinderella we run to our last change of clothes, in Cattolica, a seaside resort in the province of Rimini, where Giuliana Marchini grows and form up to the creation in 1959 of the Gilmar group with his brother Luciano and her husband Silvano Gerani, and in 1974 the brand Iceberg which this year celebrates the 40th anniversary of activity.

Cattolica is also the home of another great woman of fashion, whose name is associated with collaborations in the world of cinema: the fashion designer Alberta Ferretti. The childhood in Romagna winds through the tissues of her mother's tailoring boutique who helped to define from a very young age (the first boutique opens in just 18 years), the refined taste that still distinguishes the brand, sewing sober and romantic elegance that has long been recognized at the highest levels of the Made in Italy industry.

We have come to the end of our catwalk, some shots for photographers and let's go again :)


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