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Ferrari Museum


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Always open
Everydays from 9.30am to 6pm. From 1st May to 30th September the opening is extended up to 7pm


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Galleria Ferrari was created next to the historic Ferrari plant in 1990. It is the place where the thousands of aficionados of the Maranello manufacturer's automobiles (said to number 180,000 visitors a year) can admire the history of this great company. The Gallery consists of a number of rooms divided into three distinct sections, and has a bookshop at the entrance. The first section tells the history of the company, through its most important automobiles and various kinds of archive material (films, photographs, technical drawings etc.), starting from the legendary figure of its founder, Enzo Ferrari, and arriving at today's successes in both sports and sales, achieved under the leadership of the President and
Managing Director Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. The second section goes on to explore the world of Formula One, to which the Maranello manufacturer has always been indissolubly bound. In these rooms visitors can admire the historic single-seat cars of the past and those of the present, as well as the cups and trophies won by the greatest drivers in the history of the world's foremost race tracks. The third and last part of the exhibition is centered around modern Gran Tourism automobiles and their technical evolution. Also displayed are the
mechanical and electronic elements specially designed for the Racing cars and the wind tunnel with the various car models shown in scale. The very latest facility constructed in the Gallery consists of a spectacular amphitheater designed for temporary exhibitions dedicated to specific periods in the history of the famous company symbolized by a rearing horse. And for all Ferrari enthusiasts, an enormous, colourful "Ferrari store" where "pieces" of the Ferrari world can be purchased by all, has recently been built in front of the factory. Any mention of Ferrari must include the historic circuit of Fiorano, built on the initiative of Enzo Ferrari in 1972 in the vicinity of his plant and still used today as experimentation and test facility for Ferrari automobiles, race cars as well as touring vehicles. On the asphalt of this track the greatest drivers in the history of car racing have run, competing under the colours of the Maranello team.

Source: local Staff of Modena

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