Ferrara, earth and water

Photos alone aren't enough to capture the atmosphere of Ferrara.The best way to savour its beauty is to stroll or pedal around, and believe us – at the end of the day, aching though your feet may be, your eyes will still be asking for more! If you don’t believe us, take it from Unesco: the entire area enclosed by the city walls is on the World Heritage list. The Po delta, too, is really spectacular. There is no other place like this in Europe - a maze of ancient lagoons and floodplains, where seawater mingles with the river Po and tiny islands rise to the surface in lace-like formations. If you want to make the most of this extraordinary place, hire a bike, pedal leisurely along one of the cycle paths running along the river bank and strike up a conversation with one of the many other cycling tourists you will meet on the way.


Tourist Information Centre
Ferrara - Castello Estense
Tel +39 0532 209370 / 299303
Fax +39 0532 212266
Mail infotur@provincia.fe.it 


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Getting around

By train: Ferrara Station is served by the Bologna-Padova line, and is the terminus for the Ferrara-Codigoro, Suzzara-Ferrara and Ferrara-Ravenna-Rimini lines. Trenitalia
By car:  The A13 Bologna-Padova Autostrada (motorway or highway) with its 'Ferrara Nord' and 'Ferrara Sud' exits. The SS16 Adriatica from Ravenna (70 km). Highways
By bus: Suburban buses from Bologna (atc 354/356 line) and Modena (atc 551/552 line). From Bologna airport  is available the shuttle "Ferrara Bus & Fly".. Atc - Ferrara bus&fly
By plane: The nearest airports to Ferrara are the "Marconi" of Bologna, the "Marco Polo" of Venice, the "Ridolfi" of Forlì, the "Catullo" of Verona and the "Fellini" Rimini

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